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Your Best Mind Ever – Study Group

Your Best Mind EverI’m offering a free class and study group to anyone interested in learning some important concepts that will help you (and your clients, if you work with clients) live an emotionally healthier, smarter, and more creative life. I’ll be introducing some very interesting ideas, including the ideas of dynamic self-regulation and healthy indwelling. I think you’ll find these ideas both interesting and immediately useful. I hope you’ll come on board and learn more (especially if you coach or see clients as a therapist).

The class is email-based and is designed to fit every schedule. So, no worries about showing up anywhere at a specific time!

Although the group is free, there is a required “reader” for the class. That’s the Your Best Mind Ever text-and-audio program (at a cost of $49). You will need to purchase this program in order to join the group.

In order to join the group, please purchase the program and either forward me the receipt (to or just drop me an email saying that you purchased it (honor system rules apply <smile>).

You can get the program here.

I’ll be supplementing the program materials with a lot of additional lessons. The study group/class will also prepare you to take my Life Integration Training that I’ll be unveiling next year (2018). So, I do hope to see you aboard!Your Best Mind Ever Course

The group begins October 16, 2017 and is ongoing. To recap: purchase the program, let me know that you’ve purchased it by forwarding me the receipt or dropping me an email (to, and I’ll put you in the group!

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