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On Eric Maisel Solutions, we provide a huge array of powerful, practical solutions to the challenges you face. Here are our highlighted offerings. Take your time and explore our many other offerings as well. They may do you a world of good!

21 Days to Healing Trauma

Do you suffer from depression? Anxiety? Addictive behaviors? Relationship difficulties? Difficulties concentrating? Problems with procrastination and motivation? These powerful challenges may be the result of unrecognized trauma. In this groundbreaking class, you’ll learn to recognize the effects of trauma and you’ll receive a complete program for healing from trauma. You may be suffering from the effects of trauma and not even know it. Find out now!

Trauma produces a startling array of lifelong negative effects, including physical ailments. persistent anxiety, addictive behaviors, and chronic despair. 21 Days to Healing Trauma is your roadmap to a better understanding of what trauma does and what you can do to heal. By the end of the twenty-one days you’ll not only understand how to heal from trauma—you will be deep into the healing process.

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Your Great Coaching Career PLUS!

Everything you need to know to become a coach, coach clients, and build a coaching practice. Get the clearest, most comprehensive, and most helpful advice available from a successful master coach whose worldwide reputation is second-to-none.

Master coach Eric Maisel is the author of more than 50 books in the areas of creativity, coaching, life purpose, and mental health. He has practiced as a coach for 30 years, trained coaches for 15 years, and presents classes, workshops and keynotes nationally and internationally.

Whether you’re just beginning to think about coaching as a profession, training as a coach, or working as a coach, this package is an essential tool kit that explains the nuts-and-bolts of coaching: how to conduct a session, how to attract clients, how to build a practice, and much more!

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